#CMRS2018 March 1-3, 2018


“Resisting, Reclaiming, and Reimagining,” this year’s Critical Mixed Race Studies conference seeks to highlight resistance against white supremacy around the globe, the reclamation of community, kinship, and identity within the mixed-race community, and the reimagining of racial difference. Recent events demonstrate that white supremacy, coupled with sexism, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, and unchecked capitalism, is still central as an organizing principle and tool of domination. For example, borders and walls (both real and imagined) are being invoked by the current United States administration to marginalize people and combat the inevitable demographic shifts which will see this country become majority minority. By focusing on the resistance, reclamation, and reimagination of multiraciality, this interdisciplinary and transnational conference will be a forum dedicated to fostering relationships between people of color, dismantling racial hierarchies, and affirming an ethics of love to subvert dominant paradigms of social identity.
The conference will include film screenings and a live performance showcase produced by Mixed Roots Stories.
Special Accommodations
The Stamp has elevators, wheelchair ramps, and assistive listening technology. The building’s 3 gender neutral bathrooms are located outside of Terpzone on the basement level, the Family Restrooms outside of the Hoff Theater on the ground level and in the Administration Office on the third level. The Stamp’s Nursing Room is located on the second floor. Please stop by the Information Desk or the conference registration table for more information.