#CMRS2022 Conference

The fourth biennial CMRS conference in 2017 at USC

Join CMRS scholars, artists, activists, students, clinicians, and community members for a virtual conference February 24 – 26, 2022. We will gather under the theme of Ancestral Futurisms.


Ancestral Futurisms: Embodying Multiracialities Past, Present, and Future

The issue of time has long been debated in mixed-race studies. Racist histories of anti-intermixture, anti-miscegenation, and the illegality—and at times, the selective acceptance—of interracial marriage and unions are not simply components of our collective past but continue to motivate cultural producers, theorists, and community organizers to imagine more just futures. For those of us who think, teach, and organize around multiraciality, the issue of time remains an important one to consider. The 6th Critical Mixed Race Studies conference listens to the past as it gathers under the theme “Ancestral Futurisms” in order to bind alternative histories of multiraciality with their reimagined futures. In doing so, we concentrate on the embodiment of multiplicity and the pursuit of social justice. By challenging past conceptions of multiraciality dictated by white supremacy, we seek to decolonize the politics of multiracialism by producing new practices and radical hope. The goal of our virtual convening is to build and imagine intersectional counterspaces that foster community and collective action among artists, community members, students, clinicians, and academics invested in the critical field of mixed race studies. While the conference will be online, it is important to remember that those of us in the U.S. will be engaging from Indigenous land that has been contested through migrations and racial encounters.

In an effort to accommodate the online venue, we will limit the number of presenting sessions. However, because one of the defining aspects of the CMRS conference is the community we cultivate by coming together, there will be more opportunities for connection, networking, collaborating, and engagement for all attendees, both who are new and those familiar with the field.

Conference cover art by Favianna Rodriguez

keynote speaker

CMRS 2022 keynote speaker and performer will be Aisha Fukushima, the renowned Speaker, Educator, Vocalist and ‘RAPtivist’ (rap activist).

Call for proposals

CMRS welcomes submissions from cultural workers, artists, activists, and scholars from all fields. We invite proposals for lightning presentations, panels, and workshops that address the conference theme in a broad sense. Presentation formats may be varied and diverse, including poetry, visual art, storytelling, and other non-academic formats.

proposal submission Begins FRIDAY April 16, 2021


The conference will now be VIRTUAL. For more information and to register please go to cmrs2022.dryfta.com


Your support for the 2022 CMRS Conference can provide opportunities for ASU and the larger Arizona community to learn, engage, and collaborate with local, national, and international scholars, artists, activists, students, clinicians, and community organizations who are interested in addressing our changing demographics and building meaningful dialogue and action that speaks to our collective humanity and growing diversity of lived experiences.

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