Conference Theme: Ancestral Futurisms: Embodying Multiracialities Past, Present, and Future.

The 6th biennial Critical Mixed Race Studies Conference was held virtually February 24-26th 2022. The conference was well attended with over 400 participants representing the US and countries from around the globe. Attendees represented scholars, artists, community activists, clinicians, and students whose work analyzes and critiques social, cultural, and political institutions based on dominant conceptions of race. The keynote speaker was Educator, Vocalist and ‘RAPtivist’ (rap activist) Aisha Fukushima.

The Critical Mixed Race Studies Association (CMRSA) emphasizes the fluidity of racial identity and other intersecting identities to critique processes of racialization and social stratification. CMRSA works to undo local and global systemic injustice rooted in systems of racism and white supremacy through scholarship, teaching, advocacy, the arts, activism, and other forms of social justice work.

The issue of time has long been debated in mixed-race studies. Racist histories of anti- intermixture, anti- miscegenation, and the illegality—and at times, the selective acceptance—of interracial marriage and unions are not simply components of our collective past but continue to motivate cultural producers, theorists, and community organizers to imagine more just futures. For those of us who think, teach, and organize around multiraciality, the issue of time remains an important one to consider.

In approaching the first CMRS Conference Proceedings publication, emphasis was placed on providing opportunities for emerging scholars in the field of critical mixed race studies, therefore this publication showcases manuscripts on topics related to critical multiraciality with a preference for manuscripts authored by multiracial and transracially-adopted graduate student persons. In addition, the Conference Proceedings publication features a section of articles written by past and present Paul R. Spickard Graduate Student Paper awardees.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors who helped support our virtual conference, and this inaugural conference proceedings publication.

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