Contact(s): Sharmane FuryJen Lee (

The queer caucus was formed to build a safe community space for mixed LGBTQIA+ members to come as they are. We support and discuss activism, culture, media, mentorship, and events related to queer identity.

Contact(s): Nicole Belisle (

This Student Affairs Caucus organized by the American College Personnel Associations’ the Multiracial Network seeks to bring together college administrators, faculty, and students who are seeking opportunities to network and learn best practices to support their multiracial populations at their higher education institutions. We invite Student Affairs professionals, faculty, and students to come together at CMRS to envision how we can create/brainstorm ways to support Student Affairs focused best practices and research that aligns with CMRS goals and also provides space for conference participants to network during the annual conference while continuing to build relationships and partnerships through ongoing virtual spaces throughout the academic year.

Contact(s): Thomas Lopez (

The Latinx of Mixed Ancestry (LOMA) caucus brings together anyone interested in the issues of unique interest to the LOMA community in the spirit of mutual support and collegial discussion. We promote LOMA research and researchers by connecting them with the subject of their work.

Contact(s): Kevin Kandamby ( & Lisa Delacruz-Combs (

The student caucus is a space to network and discuss the unique challenges and opportunities related to mixed-race organizing on campus. We seek to provide a central space for sharing resources, information, advice, and events for multi-racial/ethnic/cultural student organizations, student leaders, and activists.

Contact(s): Ken Tanabe ( and Jeff Chiba Stearns (

The Community Caucus offers an opportunity to meet and connect with various mixed race community-focused groups and non-profit organizations. Attendees will have the opportunity to present their interests and work to the group. We’ll discuss strengthening overall impact, ways to support, international outreach, and possible collaborations.

Contact(s): Sarah Yang Mumma (

The Clinical Caucus was created to provide a space for mixed race clinicians (counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrist, etc) to network, discuss experiences within the field, and promote advocacy efforts.

Contact(s): Naliyah Kaya (

This caucus was created to bring together CMRS members who identify as part of the Middle Eastern, Southwest Asian, North African, and/or Arab communities. We engage in efforts to be recognized on the next U.S. Census, work to address anti-Arab & Middle Eastern sentiments, racism, and xenophobia, identify opportunities for inclusion & representation in curricula and our local communities, while also sharing and celebrating our various cultures, stories, and histories.

Contact(s): Alma Villanueva ( and Anne Coker ( )

The Global Caucus is intended to be a collective space for people living outside of the U.S., for people whose engagement with CMRS is not focused in or on the U.S., and/or whose CMRS work decenters the U.S. as a primary site of discussions and embodiments of multiraciality. Our first caucus meeting was at the 2022 CMRS Conference. If you would like to get involved and join our list-serve, please email us.

Contact(s): Lee Painter-Kim and Laura Ha Reizman 

The Mixed Asian Caucus is intended to create space for anyone of mixed Asian ancestry. Attendees will be encouraged to connect with other caucus members, share research, interests, and most importantly build community. Often there is less emphasis around mixed Asian individuals, and we strongly feel it is important to create space for recognizing mixed Asian identities especially in lieu of recent anti-Asian violence.

K-12 Educators Caucus
Contact(s): Gardiner Funo O’Kain and Grace Phillips

This K-12 Educators Caucus will organize secondary educators in the CMRS community, provide opportunities to educate, collaborate and share resources, with the end goal of building and sustaining in-school communities for mixed-race secondary students. In secondary schools, adults play a key role in establishing, advocating for and materially supporting equity work. It is important that they have professional relationships, professional development and professional affiliations that undergird these efforts.

Creating a Caucus:
Want to start a new caucus? If so, please fill out this application form ( Don’t hesitate to contact the current CMRS Caucus Coordinator, Maïko Le Lay at if you have any questions.